IP Change - Completed

  • 25th August 2021

Hello current and prospective clients,


The IP swap has been completed on all services. If you have any issues accessing your service(s), please check your email for the new IP address. You may also create a ticket for further assistance.


Thank you for your continued support,

Abraham; CEO

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Upcoming IP Change

  • 8th July 2021
Hello current and prospective clients,   IP addresses are being assigned to us. I am unsure of a timeline at the moment, however sometime "soon" all IP addresses will be switched to our owned IP addresses and those in current use will be returned to the provider. This only impacts Dallas customers. If you have VPS services, you will receive a ...
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Service Migration

  • 7th December 2020
Hello current and prospective clients,   I am preparing two servers to be sent to Dallas. After the servers are up and running in Dallas, all services will be migrated from the current server in Los Angeles to Dallas. Current Clients Web Hosting: An email will be sent out with a date and time prior to migration of services, at least 24 hours ...
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Service Status

  • 15th August 2020
The server has been going online and offline momentarily since the previous maintenance. Below you will find the data center's response to me and it is just about what I was expecting and theorizing. I apologize for the service interruptions and this will hopefully be over soon.   I have been working with our network team as well as the ...
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